Franklin Central School
School Street
Franklin, VT 05457

Joyce Hakey, Principal
Telephone: 285-2100
Fax: 285-2111


Mission Statement

The mission of the Franklin Central School is to educate our children to become self-reliant and socially responsible individuals.  They will respect themselves, their community, and the world around them.  Ultimately, they will develop the skills and confidence to become life-long learners.

MVU Board Seeks Citizen Feedback


     The MVU board wants to hear your ideas and opinions about passing a September school budget. We encourage residents of Franklin, Highgate,

   and Swanton to complete a short, ten-question online survey.  Data from the survey will help school leaders schedule the best vote date and provide

      parents and community members with the information they want to see.  To complete the survey, type the link below into your Internet browser:



                                                    Many thanks for sharing your opinions and ideas with the MVU School Board.


                                                                                                 Denis Boucher

                                                                                               MVU Board Chair





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